Choosing the right art decor for each space of your home

What it’s about: What to consider for filling your home with art/ building your art collection at home


Art is, at its basest, a form of expression. Your home is also an expression of yourself: it reflects your style, tastes, and preferences. To that end, your art decor reveals a glimpse of your persona – it exudes a preferred aesthetic, a mood, or even a current emotion.


While beautiful interiors are dime a dozen, showcasing your art collection is essential if you want to place your personal stamp in your living space. Decorating with art is a perfect way to add character and personalize your home. 


Breathe life and add a unique touch to your corners with these different ways to incorporate art decor in your living spaces.

Fill your spaces with art that speaks to you.

A rule of thumb in choosing art decor: select pieces that channel your taste. If you feel pressured to only acquire pieces from certain artists, disregard it. Your art collection is personal; there is no right or wrong way to collect art. Look beyond signatures and discover themes, subjects, or styles that spark your interest.


Feel free to mix masterpieces from the greats with works of promising up-and-comers in your collection. How you decide to arrange your acquisitions depends on you, too: hang photography prints and portraits alongside abstract art or landscapes, or you can showcase artworks of varying styles – such as setting more classical pieces beside contemporary art.


A salon or gallery-style wall livens up a blank wall


Do you have an empty wall that needs sprucing up? While a larger-than-life canvas painting can be striking, there is no need to purchase a sprawling artwork on a whim just to fill up the space. If you have a diverse array of pieces in your collection, consider putting them together side-by-side: a thoughtfully curated salon or gallery-style wall exudes tasteful personal expression.


A gallery wall showcases the diversity of your acquired pieces on full display: from paintings of varying mediums to a stunning photography collection. That said, while it’s nice to own and display an assortment of pieces, it’s best to approach this gallery with intention – think of a unifying element that binds the art decor together. This can be a visual theme, such as similar mediums or a coherent color palette, or it can also be tied together by a subject such as the environment or local culture.


Consider decorating around a statement piece

Whether it’s a larger-than-life sculpture or a painting that spans an entire wall, a statement piece is the perfect conversation starter when you’re expecting company. This approach is a great way to incorporate a stunning, stand-alone piece that has caught your eye but you’re unsure how to integrate it with the rest of the space. 


A statement piece also allows you to showcase a powerful sense of your personal taste and style, as the piece can also add a unique imprint to your home.


Decorating with a statement piece calls for impact that doesn’t overwhelm. Treat the object as a focal point of the space, without forgetting about color scheme and pattern. Edit furniture, accents, and other art decor within the room to create a sense of drama.


Don’t shy away from contrasting elements 

While you won’t go wrong with sticking to a singular theme, mixing and matching motifs exudes boldness and confidence in your choices. Creating contrast is a powerful decorating move, as it allows you to create a juxtaposition with  the rest of your interiors – think antique against a modern space, a bold hue against neutrals.


You can furnish your space with contrasting accents in textures or periods: for example, an antique bentwood table will complement sleek mid-century modern furniture; an Impressionist painting will punctuate a modernist living room; while a vividly hued sculpture will add visual interest to a neutral-hued space.

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