Investing on the Lifestyle you Desire: Is it time to buy a condo?

Perhaps the allure of high-rise living calls out to you while living in the metro. An unparalleled condo lifestyle with exclusive and close access to the city’s most luxurious pursuits and premier amenities is becoming an attractive way to fully embrace city living. The need and desire to be close to the center of the action in the city, along with its urban conveniences are increasingly attractive reasons for people to buy a condo.

That said, purchasing your own condo unit is no small feat, but it’s a decision that will pay off for the right kind of buyer. Thinking of getting your own place? Here are things to consider before deciding if buying a condo is the right step for you.


Consider your lifestyle

If you lead a bustling and high-performing lifestyle, you deserve to come home to a beautiful and welcoming space that lets you forget the day’s worries the minute you walk in the door. As not everyone has the time or energy to maintain a home, dealing with a home’s upkeep, from making sure its facilities are working properly to aesthetic touch-ups such as chipped paint or wood can be a hassle for some. Living in a condo with a dedicated property management office ensures that each facility is kept in pristine condition, resulting in a worry-free and sustained lifestyle all year round.


You enjoy being close to business districts

While living in a stately house with a large garden may be desirable, this also means you may have to bear the daily traffic as many residential neighborhoods within the metro are located away from the business districts.

Although there are some merits to living in villages, there are certain lifestyles that are more suited to living near the workplace—or at least knowing that the city’s best hospitals and schools are nearby. Many times, your business and career may compel you to move closer to the CBD where you can easily attend to the day’s affairs.

If you live a high-powered lifestyle, a strategic location that allows you to be in the CBD in a heartbeat while providing a posh, leisurely enclave when you want to tune out from the bustle of the city is essential. Looking into buying a condo within a desirable neighborhood like Rockwell could benefit you—especially if you appreciate the accessibility of living near a CBD, where malls, restaurants, and banks are just a stone’s throw away. Shopping for groceries, supplies, specialty items, and other last-minute errands are within walking distance, meaning you never have to worry about living inconveniences.


Top-notch amenities

While condominium developments are a dime a dozen especially in the bustling business districts, the devil is in the details. You want to make the most out of your lifestyle with state-of-the-art amenities such as a world-class gym, elegant function rooms, and a fully equipped business center—that only a condo can provide in one convenient location.

With refined and exclusive amenities at one’s fingertips, the Proscenium at Rockwell places utmost priority on their residents’ health and well-being––offering a sprawling amenity deck with manicured lawns, jogging paths, a tennis court, patio decks, and libraries that soothe one’s mind, body and soul.


You are looking for a high-value investment

Not all condominiums are created equally, and there are those that are a cut above the rest when it comes to location, amenities, infrastructure, and design. Aside from being located in a high-value location, a property by a reputable developer assures its quality and the potential to increase in its current and future value.

Unlike stocks and other investments that are prone to wild fluctuations, a secure real estate asset in an exclusive community is a promising investment for your family and the future. This helps you be at ease in living your life to the fullest with utmost privacy, exclusivity and security.

If these match your lifestyle and investment needs, then it is time to buy a condo that possesses all the qualities that matter to you. Invest in a top-tier property that ensures the best of signature Rockwell living, all while enjoying the pleasures of living in the heart of the city. Proscenium at Rockwell offers an exceptional quality of condo living that allows you to enjoy the best of city life, perfect for the discerning and high-performing individual who desires to have it all.

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