Life at the Proscenium: Rockwell’s Serene Oasis in the Busy City

For many, Rockwell Center is much more than an address in the busy city of Makati. It is rather as a social nexus, a community, and a home, all built upon a refined and elevated standard of modern living. This ethos especially shines through in one of its high-end residential touchstones, The Proscenium Residences—and this time, we take it from one of the Proscenium’s unit owners herself.

The on-the-go lifestyle is simply part and parcel of the Bacolod-based executive Rinzel Jose, who serves as the Operations Manager to Western Visayan company Silver Dragon Construction. As her tireless schedule requires her to constantly be in both the capital and her hometown, Jose finds herself flying routinely between the two cities. It is also primarily for this reason that she sought a halfway home here.