Modern home décor ideas to refresh your space this 2021

What it’s about: Giving your home a fresh, modern look for the new year.

After the pivotal events of 2020, the world is rising on its feet this year, making 2021 the period of renewed optimism and a fresh perspective. One way you can reflect this in your daily living is through your home’s interiors.

Your dwelling, after all, is a reflection of your lifestyle. Staying home has emphasized the significance of investing in our most treasured spaces indoors that fit our lifestyles. And as we move forward and anticipate better days, why not channel this into your home? Refresh your outlook by redecorating your space with modern home decor

Modern design is about creating beauty through simplicity –– think of uncluttered spaces, clean lines, and serene interiors. Streamlined silhouettes and earthy palettes give this design style a timeless aesthetic, inspiring calm and effortless luxury. 

As your personal sanctuary, you must be able to inhabit a space that can exude tranquility, relaxation, and facets of your personality. Redecorate your space and update it for the times by incorporating these modern home decor elements.

Monochromatic and tonal palettes

While vivid, jewel tones add drama and a certain gravitas to your space, monochromatic palettes in neutrals make a space feel brighter and more airy in contrast. Keeping your hues within the same tone is a hallmark of modern home decor – and designing within a tonal palette invites calm and relaxation without being dull. 

A tonal color scheme consists of a range of various shades and tones that belong to one main color group. The sight of uniform colors is visually relaxing, while the shade range allows for some variation.

That said, don’t think that the only way to achieve this is through a cold and clinical aesthetic. After all, all-white walls are passé in 2021. For a more current look that feels warmer and cozier, update this trend by opting for earthly shades within the same range. A tonal palette of a subdued gray hue or a subtle greige is timeless, versatile, and exudes sophistication.

An open floor plan

Perhaps one of the most definitive features of modern home decor is an open floor plan. Older, traditional homes silo each area into different rooms, which can feel closed off and rigid. Hence, it’s not hard to see why open layouts have become more in vogue in recent times – the lack of physical boundaries opens up a space and creates a more welcoming atmosphere, while keeping options open for future redecorations.

An open floor plan is a great idea for spaces in high-rise developments, as it allows the versatility of rearranging furniture and objects to one’s liking. This doesn’t mean you need to tear down your existing walls, though – even with existing rooms, you can still evoke an open feel in spaces such as the common area by making use of certain colors, fabrics, furniture, and decor.

Coherent furniture, such as keeping your pieces within the same color or material, invites harmony and consistency within your surroundings, creating a more spacious vibe. If you have windows or glass walls, take advantage of these by maximizing these spaces and making the most of your natural light. 

Other objects such as area rugs add visual cues to your space, delineating certain areas of function – such as a living room and a dining room – without relying on walls, while adding a certain flair to your overall modern home decor.

Negative space

Modern, minimalist interiors may run the tendency of looking sparse. That doesn’t mean that this home decor style creates unwelcoming homes –– stunning, inviting modern interiors embrace negative space. Truly great modern spaces know how to create negative space with intention –– what is not there is just as important as what is.

While you may be tempted to display all of your curios in your common area, negative space lets your interiors “breathe”. It eliminates distraction, adds visual interest, and encourages highlighting certain spots worth showing off.

To add negative space to your home, consider the symmetry and placing of objects surrounding the blank area.

You can further introduce negative space to your home by thinking of what is above: all-low furniture without hanging elements (like chandeliers) can create an undisrupted eye-level view, a great way to take advantage of surrounding cityscapes from glass walls.

Another way to approach this is by creating “vignettes”: certain well-appointed corners of your house with selected furniture and decor that create a stunning visual.

Accent pieces

As they say, the beauty is in the details. When it comes to giving a space a modern aesthetic, accent pieces can be just as effective. These pieces add visual interest, character, and a glimpse of your personal style that enhances your overall interiors. Great accent pieces include handmade ceramics, a statement chair, or a gorgeously crafted table that draws attention.

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