Proscenium: A Residential Paragon of Pure Artistry and Design

Exuding excellence in both design and function, Proscenium at Rockwell is a sight patrons of the arts would love to come home to in Makati, Metro Manila.

The Proscenium

A confluence of both architectural craftsmanship and an artistry of design come together to create the greatest Rockwell yet: the Proscenium. Ranked  among renowned Uruguayan Architect Carlos Ott’s masterworks like the Opéra de la Bastille in Paris, and the Torre Antel en Montevideo in Uruguay, this sprawling 3.6 hectare mixed-use enclave consists of five exquisite residential towers, an office building, a dynamic retail strip, and a world-class Performing Arts Theater. 

Located in the self-sustaining community that is Rockwell Center, Proscenium’s condominium towers are the perfect balance between  unrelenting excellence and convenience. Residents can now take quick access to get all their needs from retail stores, groceries, and restaurants. The property’s convenient and tailor-fit facilities meet the discerning needs of its exclusive community.

Masterful Craftsmanship- Proscenium’s Architectural Design

Proscenium’s exterior is an architectural marvel of both human ingenuity and artistic prowess. Carlos Ott’s incorporation of its signature sails is a prominent feature of the property. According to him, the sails were inspired by iconic theaters around the world. 

Delve into the Details of Proscenium’s Interiors

Proscenium Kirov Tower Library

The exterior of the structure is an aesthetic wonder and  each tower is curated with individual personalities that bring residents into a warm and welcoming space. (1) US-based Filipino Interior Designer Butch Valdez carefully curated a selection of fine art, precious antiques, and well-crafted furniture, sourced both locally and internationally, for the interiors of this project, making sure that a taste of multi-cultural influences is vividly seen in the design of this condo in Makati. As people step inside the tower’s grand doors, they immediately perceive the aesthetic genius that went into its intricate and sophisticated designs. A quick walk through one of Proscenium’s towers and one will already feel  transported to a whole different world. (1) 

Modern Day Interior Design Inspiration by Proscenium at Rockwell

Bring a Taste of Nature into the Home

Exclusive and secured, Proscenium brings  a taste of nature within its indoor spaces. Plants and trees line most of the property, giving it a feeling of life and reinvigoration in the middle of the city.  

For a condo in makati, Proscenium at Rockwell showcases vibrant greens in and out of its residential towers to give residents the sense of peace upon entering their homes after a long and productive day. In Sakura Tower, for instance, bonsai trees in its lobby bring a tranquil  and oriental vibe to welcome guests and residents. Homeowners can also find themselves in a quiet space within the elevated garden found at the heart of the high rise towers.

Embrace Simplicity through Uncluttered Living

Proscenium’s Sakura Tower  is highly inspired by concepts of  Kanso, a design perspective celebrating simplicity. Its values latch on quality over quantity, and purpose over impulse. Focusing on tasteful and quality elements, its amenities and interiors are anchored on this wonderfully harmonious Japanese concept.

Art and Theater as Accent Pieces

Bearing true to its brand of artistry and  elegance, Proscenium houses fine art, antiques, and reclaimed pieces to accentuate most of its spaces. From Kirov’s beautifully-clad Hermès chairs to Guadalajaran plates from Mexico, Proscenium’s pieces are diverse yet  timeless.

Other accent pieces include a mix of local and international paintings, handcrafted pottery, theater relics, and textured wallpapers, all of which are housed in a vessel made of the finest concrete, wood, and Italian marble flooring. 

Savor the Benefits of Premium Living

Proscenium at Rockwell raises the bar by creating an extraordinary residential lifestyle within a tastefully designed development with premium facilities, curated art spaces, and expansive  condo units. 

State-of-the-art amenities include the almost hectare-expanse outdoor oasis with four refreshing pools. Each lobby has its own library which gives book buffs their haven. You can find time relaxing at the lounges or take meals with your loved ones at the private dining rooms. Each room is adorned with intricate designs that complement the artistic grandeur of each tower. 

Providing  unwavering quality, this space allows residents  to experience premium condo living in Makati matched with excellent standards and relentless service of property management. Proscenium’s units are currently pre-selling. For more inquiries, you may call 0917 155 ROCK (7625).