5 Makati Rockwell Lifestyle Perks You Dreamed Of

Makati, a sought after urban address in the metro, offers more than just the city allure. Its true charm lies in the array of activities and the serene outdoor spaces that complement its cosmopolitan demeanor.

Beyond the towering skyscrapers, Makati boasts a distinctive identity, attracting discerning individuals to the Rockwell Center—a dynamic yet tranquil community that serves as a haven amidst the city’s bustling business district. It’s a haven that nurtures a holistic and balanced lifestyle, inviting residents to embrace outdoor activities that nourish mind, body, and soul.

Here are five distinct pleasures available at Rockwell Center that you can explore, providing a glimpse into the alluring Makati Rockwell lifestyle.

1. Tranquil strolls amid nature

Take a leisurely stroll through Makati’s enchanting green spaces, offering a serene respite amidst the city’s bustle. Rockwell, as a meticulously planned community, boasts captivating green landscapes. Nestled close to Makati’s Central Business District, Rockwell Center envelops its members in a secure haven adorned with wide, open spaces and lush greenery—inviting moments of calm, reflection, and relaxation. Moreover, these spaces cater not only to humans but also to four-legged companions, providing ideal walking and recreational areas for dogs within the Rockwell community.

You can escape to outdoor yoga sessions for a serene backdrop amidst nature’s tranquility. The Rizal Oval Garden offers a zen-like ambiance, perfect for yoga enthusiasts seeking rejuvenation amid lush greenery and positive energy. Meanwhile, Proscenium at Rockwell boasts its Amenity Deck, inviting residents to partake in meditation, yoga flows, or a peaceful breath of fresh air. The deck features multiple swimming pools complemented by a splash pad and a lazy river—a holistic wellness retreat within the city.

2. Conveniences all a few footsteps away

Experience the neighborhood’s charm while relishing delectable meals or sipping coffee in its inviting outdoor settings. The diverse mix of retail stores and establishments at Rockwell beckons daily strolls, where residents uncover unique treasures. Santi’s, a local deli, lures residents with gourmet delights. 

Moreover, Rockwell hosts refined and delightful restaurants catering to mindful diners who savor the outdoors. Start your day with a morning cup at Single Origin or Wildflour’s charming sidewalk tables, witness the community coming to life. For lunch, revel in delightful dining at Grace Park, relishing wholesome dishes. As the sun sets, unwind with wine and tapas at Rambla.

3. Top-notch security and exclusivity

Living in the Rockwell community in Makati City means you can spread your wings while being in the comfort of round-the-clock security for utmost safety. At Rockwell, you can live your life to the fullest with utmost privacy, exclusivity and security.

4. Living close to Power Plant Mall

Nothing beats the convenience of living a few steps away from a shopping mall — and the Power Plant Mall, no less, is home to various specialty shops, local and foreign designer brands, a premium grocery store, and a wide array of restaurants where residents are spoiled for choice.

5. Being within a vibrant community

Rockwell in Makati is teeming with character and energy, as it is filled with avenues to indulge discerning lifestyles. Join the “shop local” movement and explore outdoor street fairs and bazaars celebrating local craftsmanship and ethically sourced products. Rockwell’s various neighborhood events and pop-ups from the metro’s most refined restaurants put the spotlight on makers and brands that focus on quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability—a perfect fit for this refined community.

Makati offers a vibrant tapestry of urban indulgences and a holistic outdoor lifestyle. Residents revel in the peace and exclusivity offered by Proscenium’s top-tier amenities while enjoying outdoor activities within the safety of the greater Rockwell Center community.

Situated within Rockwell Center, Proscenium at Rockwell spans 3.6 hectares, offering the vibrancy of city life alongside unparalleled pleasures. Its state-of-the-art amenities, posh retail establishments, and a world-class Performing Arts Theater create an unrivaled living experience within an aura of exclusivity. As The Proscenium Residences, the final tower, nears completion this June, seize the exclusive move-in offer: own a unit and move in with extended payment terms until 2024.

Experience the pinnacle of metropolitan living at the heart of all action. Discover more about this unparalleled lifestyle at prosceniumatrockwell.com today.