Interior Design Tips: How The Proscenium Residences Inspires the Creative Homeowner

Written by: Ryanne Co

The Proscenium Residences provides homeowners with an elegant canvas to showcase their personality through interior design

One of the best parts of being a homeowner is getting to customise your own space. Creating an abode that matches you or your family’s personalities is the secret behind creating a home where the heart can be.

The Proscenium Residences puts the homeowner as the focal point of all their units by creating a space that is tasteful and elegant, versatile. Located within the Proscenium enclave in Rockwell Center, Makati, the fifth and final tower embodies the vibrance of its location with crisp and clean interiors, with expansive two to three bedroom units remaining. In many ways, it is the perfect canvas for a homeowner, especially one who loves interior design.

Architect Charm Vidal-Rodriguez, the Assistant Vice President for Project Development at Rockwell Land shares some of her best tips.

1. Interior designs should suit your personality

Architect Vidal-Rodriguez said it best when she mentioned: “The foremost thing before designing any space is understanding the owner’s personality and how he or she  wants to use the space.” She suggested reflecting on one’s hobbies before deciding on any major purchases or decisions. “For example, warm, friendly people who love to entertain will most likely prefer a lot of seating areas and artworks that can be conversation starters. Meanwhile, an introvert who enjoys quiet time with books or crafts may appreciate comfy nooks or attractive bookcases that can serve as a display area for their collection.”

“You may consider displaying your children’s artworks or photos from your travels and just have it nicely framed following the overall aesthetic of your home,” she added. Of course, while not everyone may share the same taste in design, it’s important to have bits and pieces of everyone personified in communal areas. This makes the space a home, one that easily welcomes every member of the household.

2. Create a focal point for all accents

While it’s almost impossible to create a clash of colours among furniture of neutral hues, Architect Vidal-Rodriguez gave a handy tip when incorporating more shades from the colour palette. “You should identify which will be the accent and which will be the base,” she explained.

In the masters’ bedroom, one may see the Beatty queen bed by Mav Furniture, with a tall headboard in an onyx finish. Shades of cream and white are represented through the geometric hexagon martini table and the Reynolds entertainment console, which comes with a quilt-like finish.

“As much as possible, you want to create a focal point. If you are not confident with bold colour combinations, choose from the same colour family. Or, you may pick an accent colour and the rest can be neutral. Also, try to mix different elements like upholstered pieces combined with wood or metal to add dimension. Create contrast with a mix of sturdy pieces and soft pieces.”

3. Maximise form and function

Mixing functional pieces along with beautiful decor such as wall art and plants can create a warm yet aesthetically-pleasing environment. It shows off one’s personality, while maintaining the elegance and comfort of a home. “We wanted to evoke a warm welcoming home with just enough colour through the accents,” said Architect Vidal-Rodriguez.

Apart from its residential units, The Proscenium Residences has more leisurely spaces to offer. Residents can enjoy the tower’s spacious function room and well-appointed dining room, the latter of which can conveniently seat a family. They also have access to the hectare-large Amenity Deck on the 4th floor which is ideal for a wealth of outdoor fitness activities. Having begun turn-over last June, this final residential tower at Proscenium offers exclusive move-in terms that allow one to own and reside in a unit while completing payment until 2024.

Those who dream of owning their own Rockwell Makati home can finally do so at The Proscenium Residences. Not only will they be able to have the kind of space that allows plenty of freedom and personalisation, their new unit will also be the perfect canvas for families or single residents to truly make their own—easily transforming a simple unit into a true home.

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